1972 Volvo P1800 Coupe Restoration

This vehicle arrived as a rusty driver. The metal work was performed, including floor pans, sub-frame cross members; one headlight rim on the front fender was repaired, new old stock outer rockers were installed over repaired inner rocker panels. New front lower fenders were welded in as well as rear doglegs and lower rear quarter panels. A substantial amount of straightening was done to the rear taillight panel as well as sheet metal repair to the lower rear valance.  A new battery box was welded in as well as several adjacent areas of rust were repaired. The car was then stripped to bare metal, etch primed, epoxy primed, urethane high build primed, block sanded and re-primed. Next it was base coated in gray metallic and clear coated, wet sanded, and buffed, and reassembled.  New rubber was installed and all of the glass was reassembled.

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